Rockhound's Offroad Adventures

                                                                     Fun in the Desert

                                                          September 29, 30, October 1, 2006

                                                                                     Johnson Valley, CA.


 I posted some great pics captured by Paul Lambotte from San Diego 4 Wheelers. Thanks Paul.

My personal photographer, Hootman, rode shotgun with me today and also took some killer shots.

Around the beginning of the trail. First stop. Josh and Mike, Teag, Tiff & G, Chase and a Jeep with cooling problems wait for the line to move.



At another impasse, Josh takes a fooling around break.


The next shot should show the strap on his cage, keeping him upright. But I dropped the camera to hold the strap.


                                                                                                                                                      Photo by Hoot


If the line wasn't moving, I looked for places to explore new lines.                                         Photo by Paul Lambotte


                                                                                                                                                                                          Photo by Paul Lambotte

Here I try a difficult line. I wanted to turn left and continue out, but instead tried backing down wheels right!         



Backing out of it, a little too much throttle and...                                                              Photo by Paul Lambotte


Hello.                                                                                                                               Photo by Paul Lambotte



My roof caught us from laying down completely.                                                              Photo by Paul Lambotte


Thanks to these guys for righting me enough to drive out of it.                                                         Photo by Paul Lambotte



Why didn't I do that the first time?                                           Photo by Paul Lambotte


Not real bad! Just a little rain gutter.


Josh wasn't timid about trying any difficult line.




Our trail leader dubbed this guy 'Pretty Boy' because this rig was just too bling.


But that didn't stop the Jeeps owner and builder, Louis, from taking extreme lines. He even tackled the Dawson's Creek line.


Our trail leader, Jaimie. A hole in the oil filter is in his future.


Another fearless and talented wheeler. Brian takes his Runner through one of the last obstacles of the day. After this we waited for Jaimie's oil filter repair.

Taking in a little shade.


I'm not sure what section this is, but I think next time I'm out there, I'm gonna try the middle line!


Of course Mike persuaded Josh to tackle Dawson's.



With Josh at the wheel and Mike spotting, they conquered a section of the trail few even attempt.

I'd like to thank Mike and Josh both, for helping me get out of tight spots all day. I insisted on taking the most difficult lines which at times called for some assistance. Mike would be the first one to jump right in and get me through. If Josh wasn't following right in my tracks, he'd be there with Mike to keep the line moving.


At the last waterfall. All told, not a bad day. Jason munched a driveshaft, one Jeep broke a steering knuckle, the Cherokee turned around. The Jeep with the cooling problem made it to this point and broke both front leafs. I flopped on the drivers side.

Back at the lakebed we cleaned up, had a good dinner and enjoyed the raffle.

I met some dedicated wheelers and had another good day at Outer Limits. Next time out I really need to leave my comfort zone and tackle a new trail.

Maybe Wrecking Ball.



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